Thank You, Tangipahoa Parish!

Committed to Tangipahoa

For our parish to be the best in the state, it is important to have a parish president that will provide effective leadership. As Parish President, Robby will focus on these immediate areas of concern:

  • Economic Development Plan – Robby is committed to developing an Economic Development Plan that will include the entire parish and benefit all of our residents. His plan will create new jobs allowing us to improve the quality of life for us, our children and our children's children!
  • Infrastructure Plan - Tangipahoa must have a "Shovel Ready" Infrastructure Master Plan. We will be prepared to manage, expand, build and maintain roads, bridges, water supply, and other structures so that our parish's economic development efforts may continue successfully.
  • Team Tangipahoa - create an environment of a team approach to making Tangipahoa the best parish in Louisiana to work, play and live! His belief is that everyone - citizens, staff and elected officials, are part of each phase of parish government. WE are all Economic Developers, WE are all Litter Abatement staff, WE are all TEAM Tangipahoa. It will take a team of individuals to make this the best parish in Louisiana!
  • Evaluate & Improve Existing Operations – listen to the hard-working and knowledgable employees of Tangipahoa Parish, and use modern data collection techniques to evaluate and implement new, more efficient service methods for our citizens.
  • Parish Improvement Committee – Robby will listen to the employees and citizens of our great parish, and wants to provide an opportunity for parish residents to have a forum where they can ask questions and offer ideas and solutions.
  • Litter and Blighted Property – Robby will work to find innovative ways to attack litter and blighted properties by teaming with others to provide more support and resources to help clean up Tangipahoa Parish.

Robby Miller is committed to Tangipahoa.


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